Sunday, March 4, 2007

McCain Joins Obama on Election Funding

John McCain said yesterday that like Barack Obama, he would utilise the public funding option for his campaign if he is chosen as the nominee for President, and agreement is reached with the Democrat nominee to do the same.

Earlier in February, Obama posed a question to the Federal Election Commission, asking if he could rasie funds in the meantime, but if agreement is reached between Democrat and GOP nominees to use the public funds, then monies raised until that point be given back to donors.

The FEC agreed this week to the proposal. Both Obama and McCain have long supported public financing of elections.

McCain has a strong record on supporting campaign finance reforms, a position which has not been popular amongst some of his GOP colleagues.

McCain's manager said yesterday that "Should John McCain win the Republican nomination, we will agree to accept public financing in the general election, if the Democratic nominee agrees to do the same."

A spokesperson for Obama said that he hoped that each of the Republican candidates would promise to do the same.

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